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The free flowmeters RSBP “STRIM”

Расходомеры счетчики безнапорных потоков СТРИМ

The free flowmeters RSBP “STREAM” are designed for commercial and technical control and metering of fluid flows in open and closed gravity-flow conduits. The device is certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (State Standard of the Russian Federation) and is registered in the State Register of measuring instruments under № 27874-09.

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Multipoint angular deviation control system

Система многоточечного контроля угловых отклонений

The man-made disasters are usually associated with the destruction of facilities due to the deformation of their structures as a result of different influences, this being accompanied by lateral and radial deflections, i.e. angular deviations from the reference position. The system is designed for continuous multipoint control of angular deviations from the vertical of the […]

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Tracking level gages USTT

Следящие уравнемеры УСТТ

The tracking level gages USTT are designed to measure the level of liquid products in open and closed containers. The principle of measurement is a lever-pendulum float-type. The liquid level is converted into a rotation angle of a lever with a float which is measured by the angle transmitter. Component parts: level converter and display […]

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