Tracking level gages USTT

The tracking level gages USTT are designed to measure the level of liquid products in open and closed containers.

The principle of measurement is a lever-pendulum float-type. The liquid level is converted into a rotation angle of a lever with a float which is measured by the angle transmitter.

Component parts: level converter and display unit.

Main advantages:

  • operation in clean, dirty, aggressive, aerosol saturated liquids;
  • insensitivity to foam;
  • operation subject to exposure to a wide range of climatic factors, including in conditions of precipitation, fog, and evaporation of any intensity;
  • self-contained operation as part of monitoring and automatic process control systems (ASUTP);
  • high reliability and simple design;
  • low cost

Main technical characteristics:

  • flow level measurement range, m   – from 0.1 to 8
  • level measurement error,% –   ± 0,3
  • information channel – RS-485 (Protocol Modbus), 4 – 20mA, digital output
  • temperature range:

liquid – from freezing point to 600С above zero

level converter – from 40 0С below zero to 60 0С above zero

       display unit – from 10 0С below zero to 60 0С above zero.