Multipoint angular deviation control system

The man-made disasters are usually associated with the destruction of facilities due to the deformation of their structures as a result of different influences, this being accompanied by lateral and radial deflections, i.e. angular deviations from the reference position. The system is designed for continuous multipoint control of angular deviations from the vertical of the structures of distributed objects and generating signals warning of critical situations, in-process measurements, including in ship navigation systems.

Main advantages:

– high accuracy of measurement in combination with temperature and timing stability of readings;

– quick (less than 1 sec.) response to emerging extreme contingency situations;

– scalable structure, suitable for a variety of objects, with the possibility of extension;

– self-contained operation as part of monitoring and automatic process control systems (ASUTP);

– high reliability and simple design;

– event logging with real time reference;

– low cost.

Main technical characteristics:

– number of sensors in a cluster, pcs. – from 3 to 10

– number of clusters, pcs. – 10

– color-coded indication of angular deviation

– response time, s – not more than 1

– angle measurement error, deg. – no more than ± 0,1

– operating temperature range, oC – from 10 oC below zero to 40 oC above zero

– intrasystem communication channels – RS-485 (Protocol Modbus)