The free flowmeters RSBP “STRIM”

The free flowmeters RSBP “STREAM” are designed for commercial and technical control and metering of fluid flows in open and closed gravity-flow conduits.

The device is certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (State Standard of the Russian Federation) and is registered in the State Register of measuring instruments under № 27874-09.

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Basic components of RSBP “STREAM”: level converter (PUP), flow rate converter (PSP), display unit (BITT-01), connection and protection unit (BSZ), power unit BPSTT-1.

Additional equipment: information transfer device, mobile communication unit GPRS-02, software “Data Manager” for measurement data maintenance in the top-level PC, control unit (BU) with the expanded capacity of non-volatile memory, additional serial interfaces, control signals and programmable functional capabilities.

The measuring units PUP and PSP are structurally identical. They differ from each other by the assembly of pendulum suspension and by the angle transmitter software. The pendulum suspension of PUP consists of a lever with a float. The lever length and the float diameter are determined by the dimensions of the collector and the range of flow level. The pendulum suspension of PSP consists of a blade (pipe length), the length, the diameter and the weight of which depend on the dimensions of the collector and the range of operating flow rates.

The level value is determined by the angle of vertical deviation of the lever with a float.

The average flow rate value is determined by the angle of the vertical rotation of the blade and the flow level.

Main technical characteristics:

– flow level measurement range, m                                                from 0,03 to 4

– level measurement error, %                                                         ± 0,3

– average flow rate measurement range                                            from 0,01 to 3

– flow rate measurement error, %                                                   ± 1,5

– fluid consumption and volume calculation error, %                       ± 2

– capacity of non-volatile memory, month                                     2,5

– information channel – RS-485 (protocol Modbus), 4 – 20mА, GPRS and others with BU

– temperature range:

liquid from freezing point to 600С above zero

ambient environment from 400С below zero to 600С above zero

– average service life of at least 10 years

Main advantages:

– principle of measurement «area – velocity»;

– direct measurement of the level and average flow rate;

– measurement of forward and reverse flow;

– does not require the determination of the channel slope and the velocity profile;

– measurement in case of a backflow and a channel overflow;

– self-aligning of the flow rate converter blade in the flow;

– correctness of measurement in case of changes in the flow velocity profile and the flow regime (laminar, turbulent);

– measurability in case of channel bottom siltation, metering the area of silt deposits in calculation of the flow rate, including the automatic measurement of the silt level in the flow;

– operation subject to exposure to a wide range of climatic factors, including in conditions of precipitation, fog, and evaporation of any intensity;

– stable operation in aerosol saturated flow and foaming on the liquid surface;

– self-diagnostic and diagnostics of the emergency conditions in the channel;

– high degree of protection from extraneous interference;

–  easy installation requiring no special additional engineering structures;

– high information capacity;

– high reliability;

   – low price.