SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg branch “Water Disposal of St. Petersburg”

Dear Valery Vladimirovich!

According to arrangements between our enterprises, for a comprehensive operational assessment, on two entrance channels of treatment facilities Kolpino two flowmeters counters of free-flow streams of “STRIM” of production of your enterprise were established.

The first flowmeter was established in October, 2012 in a rectangular tray 1160 mm wide and 1800 mm in depth to a site of the automated lattices of removal of municipal solid waste of the 1st turn of OS.

The second flowmeter was established in April, 2013 in a rectangular tray 1200 mm wide and 1205 mm in depth behind a site of the automated lattices of removal of municipal solid waste of the 2nd turn of OS.

Flowmeters of “STRIM” carry out direct measurement of level and average speed of a stream of liquid. Devices measure an expense of streams of all-floatable city sewer drains in channels with various extent of pollution of water, in climatic conditions of influence of natural temperatures, various intensity of an atmospheric precipitation and evaporations, characteristic for the corresponding temporary periods.

Indications of the counter of volume of drains, values of daily volumes for each day of a week and the current values of parameters of a stream 2 months are brought to an indication block board, memory capacity. This information is visualized by means of the software “The manager of data”. Transfer of information is provided on the wire line or by means of the device of the transfer of information working by the principle of “flash card”.

For last period of operation of devices so far violations in operability of flowmeters counters of free-flow streams of “STRIM” were absent. Flowmeters counters of free-flow streams of “STRIM” differ in rather high level of operational reliability and operational technological effectiveness, insignificant costs of service in use.

The technological personnel of treatment facilities “The manager of data”, and also completeness and sufficiency of the reflected information parameters of flowmeters of “STRIM” notes simplicity and convenience of work with the block of indication of the device, the software.

The service of instrumentation and automated control systems notes simplicity of installation of the device and lack of need for its special settings demanding qualified professionals.

The Water Disposal of St. Petersburg branch has SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg big honey agarics of operation of various domestic and foreign devices for measurement of drains in free-flow channels. For an assessment of a correctness of measurements of parameters of free-flow streams flowmeters of “STRIM” in trays of treatment facilities Kolpino in the same measuring alignments took comparative measurements by flowmeters of NUVIS, MAINSTRIM, FLODAR. Nesmor on distinction of the physical principles and methods of measurement, all devices was shown, generally close values of parameters of streams.

The flowmeter counter of free-flow streams of “STRIM” as the device, new for SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, within these measurements confirmed the high operational and metrological characteristics which correspond specified in operational documentation.

The deputy director – the Technical Director G. A. Pankova